About Elisa Planellas

Who I am

My name is Elisa Planellas. I am a digital marketing consultant with over a decade of experience. I have served, consulted with, and helped to grow several small business brands.

As an entrepreneur myself, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners easily connect with the higher level of success they know somewhere deep down inside is possible for them to experience.

I know that their success contributes to the success of us all. To say that business benefits humanity is a sharp understatement in my opinion.


What I do

I provide training, consulting and service to transform businesses of any size, age, or condition into high performing businesses, helping the entrepreneurs that lead them experience greater ease, peace of mind, and success.


What I have

My signature framework cannot be found anywhere else and it is the secret to mastery of business clarity, focus, and insight even in fast-moving times. It empowers those who put it to the test to create stronger financial stability and reputation, better marketing, and superior customer experiences all while re-igniting their passion and love for themselves, their business, and those they serve.


My impact

I help people get more enjoyment out of their business. I help their customers have better experiences. I inspire entrepreneurs and business owners to more fully define and embrace their own value and infuse it into their brand. I equip all who work with me with a unique set of tools that empowers them to have more authority in their market and renders their competitors a non-factor.


My Purpose

My purpose is to inspire and guide business owners to experience deeper levels of alignment with who they really are through an actionable, well-defined perspective of business.


Why I do it

I believe in freedom and evolution. And I believe that entrepreneurial excellence is an essential element of emotional and financial freedom. By helping business owners take command of the emotional side of their business growth and evolution, I create hubs of positive energy in countless places throughout our society.

In other words, I do it to express myself and I do it to exercise the power of influence for the greatest good. I do it because I love it and because it’s who I am.


My Most Recent Awards and Special Achievements:


  • 2022 Mrs. Corporate America Memphis, TN
  • 2019 – 2022 Executive Director of The Gift of Life Charity for Preemie Families

I believe the purpose of marketing is to enrich the quality of the experience for you and those you serve.