About Me

Crafting digital communications that increase brand authority, reputation and revenue for small businesses since 2011.

My approach of first building a platform of knowledge that includes online and offline competitive analysis and market research then establishing metrics, goals, and a strategy to meet those goals is how I deliver results.

This enables me to build marketing strategies that help establish and grow strong customer relationships that are beneficial to both parties and deliver carefully crafted content that’s timely, engaging, and thought-provoking. 

Whether it’s a business website, brochure or other marketing asset, I take a common sense but creative approach to design that maximizes the impact of the overall message. 

Elisa Planellas: The Lady Behind the Laptop

As the reigning self-titled queen of the introverts, I’d like to thank my clients for helping to shape me as a person. Through my dedication to your success despite my struggles, my talents multiply and my understanding grows.

A few years ago there was no way I would dare share anything about myself on this website. No words here went any deeper than the descriptions of my services. But I find that anyone who becomes my client quickly becomes my dear friend. Although counting clients as friends may sound unprofessional to some (whom I in this moment pity), I find that one can only gain a higher understanding another’s passions and motivations by being open first. A better understanding of my clients and myself results in branding and marketing that is more genuine, impactful, and successful. So here goes:

I enjoy traveling, camping, riding my bicycle extremely long distances, eating organic, singing. I’d rather be muscular than skinny. I’m a Southern New Hampshire University Alumni, English major. My favorite band is ColdPlay. I consider myself an introvert though people tell me otherwise. My oldest son turned 20 in 2020.  My longest bike trip thus far was from Tallahassee, FL to Orlando, FL. My longest walk was from Memphis, TN to Oklahoma City, OK. It took me three months. I tend to brainstorm as I walk. I walk slow. That said, of course I’m aware that God has a Son (yes, the subject has risen frequently in my work and client relationships). My geeky passions that I consider fun are business strategy, content creation and WordPress website design.

My Professional History

2010 – 2013: Freelance SEO Article Writer

Produced high volumes of high quality content according to the SEO best practices of the time. Served tens of clients through a variety of channels and produced more than 3,000 articles and website copywriting pieces in the space of about two years. My writing stood apart from my competitors and colleagues by being dynamic, thought-provoking, share-worthy, and powerful in earning great search engine visibility.



Julius Foust

Julius Foust

Seven Seas Web Design, Owner

“Elisa is a breath of fresh air. Not only is she very knowledgeable in keyword usage and SEO strategy, but she allows her client to actually watch her create the piece of content in live time (which is an amazing feature). She also is very thorough in her research, writing, and delivery. She is also very open to any adjustment necessary to make the project exactly what you want. I am a founder of a web development company and know this industry well, quality content remains to be king of the marketing online, I can tell you her work is worth every penny. I highly recommend her services for any business – not only to you but to our clients who are looking for quality content.”

2013 – 2015: President of Inverse Design

Inverse Design was an international web development and digital marketing firm founded by Edouard Romeus, one of my writing clients. Initially, Ed commissioned me to do the copywriting and blog post creation for the firm and its clients, but he quickly moved me through the ranks from that position to Marketing Manager, Webmaster, Vice President of Marketing, then finally President. This relationship gave me hands-on WordPress, digital marketing (particularly SEO and social media marketing), and corporate operations experience.

Eventually, Edouard decided that his true passion is in the more technical side of the IT space, such as hardware and software. He closed the firm to follow his dreams. Nevertheless, the passion for web design, digital marketing, and helping business owners compete on the Internet and win stuck with me.



Edouard Romeus

Edouard Romeus

Inverse Design, Founder and CEO | SMB Tech Solutions, Owner

I have used Elisa’s content marketing service for the last two years and she is a very honest, reliable, hardworking, conscientious and courteous. Her writing techniques are among the best. I strongly recommend her services and will definitely use her services again on future projects.”


2015 – Nov. 2018: Volunteer Webmaster and Consultant to The Gift of Life

Nov. 2018 – Present: Executive Director

The Gift of Life is an Orlando-based 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to help the families of preemies heal emotionally from the trauma of preterm birth. It’s a mission that continues to touch my heart. After Inverse Design closed its virtual doors for good, I sought a way to use my new-found skills and talents from my experience with the firm for the good of others. I happened upon Rosie Moore’s assistance request on VolunteerMatch and was eager to volunteer my services to her organization.

Rosie quickly brought me on board as a content producer, but after seeing the state of the organization’s website I offered to make some improvements and that resulted in my building them a completely new website, which I continue to finance and manage. It’s my gift to The Gift of Life and all those whose lives they touch.




Rosie Moore

Rosie Moore

The Gift of Life, Founder | Mrs. Michigan International | Author

Elisa has been supportive through all the challenges that the Gift of Life has encountered. When we met Elisa, it was right after a company tried to scam our charity out of $5,000 dollars for work they promised to do in building a website and managing the marketing. They obtained a free website to give us instead of building one as agreed and never delivered any of the products or needed website changes that they said they would. But Elisa heard our story and took immediate charge to help us get to where we are today, providing continuous support through her work in web design, social media and online marketing, and blogging. We highly recommend Elisa for all your digital marketing programs!



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