My Recent Projects

The Gift of Life


I’m very proud to be the volunteer webmaster for The Gift of Life and have been on board with them since 2015. When I first signed on, the organization had serious website woes. Some shady website designers tried to rip them off and left The Gift of Life’s online prescence in shambles. I designed and built the organization a brand new website that continues to grow in traffic and serves as an important resource for the preemie community.


Hawkins Merchant Solutions

Hawkins came to me owning several websites for his various services, but none of the sites were complete. I restructured his business, bringing his catalog into one seamless brand and built him a beautiful new information website to help him land more deals.



EMDR Educators of FL

Dr. Andy Dobo continues to grow in popularity not only as a successful psychologist who specializes in EMDR therapy, but as a trainer, coach and speaker who teaches others in his field how to provide EMDR to their patients. His work is transforming the lives of others. Unfortunately, his old website did not suit the needs of his business when it came to class registrations. The navigation was confusing and the payment process was difficult. He originally contacted me to add Woocommerce installment plan functionality to his old site, but decided he needed my marketing expertise to revitalize his entire site, so I built him this – and he’s very pleased with my work. 


Rosie Moore 

I’ve known Rosie Moore for over 4 years and counting, having built The Gift of Life’s website. I had also developed an author website for her to promote her books. Being the phenomenal entrepreneur that she is, she quickly outgrew that website and needed something that could better reflect and promote all of her roles . Rosie is one person I’m very proud to call ‘friend’. She’s not only an author and founder of The Gift of Life, but is a doula, wedding planner, master travel agent, Mrs. Michigan International (after first having been Mrs. Windermere International). She’s also growing in popularity as a motivational speaker. She earn her doctorate in nursing and is now Dr. Moore. I designed and developed this website to accommodate all she does create more room for growth for her future endeavors. Now her publicist is confident that with this site they can take her many careers to the next level. I’m very proud to have contunually played a key role in Rosie Moore’s ever-expanding success. 


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