Expert Marketing Consulting Services

Are you ready to take your business by the reigns? Whether you’re eager to discover your unique angle, or looking for a fresh approach to strategy development, I’m here to help you bring your best vision to life.

How it Works (in 4 easy steps).

Step 1: Consult

There’s always an initial consultation. The purpose is for you and me to find out if we’re a good fit. This first consultation sets the pace for everything that is to follow.

Step 2: Collaborate

Now that we’ve determined that we want to move forward, it’s time for us to dig in and collaborate. We’ll establish the goals of our working together and create an action plan. 

Step 3: Implement

Whether you’ve decided on a done-with-you or done-for-you option, this is where the action plan we created gets carried out. We take the steps necessary to help you achieve your goals. 

Step 4: Follow-Up

I am passionate about helping all my clients get results (and you probably feel the same way). No matter what option you choose for working with me, I follow up on the outcome. I want to know the results. 


Plans and Pricing

Flat-rate, competitive, transparent pricing. No runarounds. Now you’re in control.


Elisa’s Marketing Consulting Services: The Breakdown


Here’s what all my marketing consulting services have in common:

Using my proven signature AIDASLA framework as a guide, I take the time to get to know you and your business. In this way, I treat your business as if it were my own, using that systematic approach to help you highlight your passion more clearly.

The outcome is internal and external marketing processes that are unique to each business and that stand out in the minds of current and potential clients for the exceptional experience of professionalism they provide.

How you market your business has a big impact on how you are known. You want marketing that gives an accurate impression of you and your business, both in the communication and the experience. To get started working with me, choose one of the following three options:


Option #1


Option #1



Whether you’re working with a marketing expert and just want some fresh insight or you’re going it alone and want some expert advice, this is a great pick.

This option grants you 2 one-hour phone or video calls with me. On the first call, we’ll take a look at what you want to achieve and find ways to help you get there. The second call is a follow up, to either go deeper or assess the results.

Here’s what your investment brings you:

  • NFace-to-face answers to your marketing questions
  • NA written copy of the advice and recommendations provided

Price: $300

Option #2


Option #2



If you’re ready to learn how to create significant positive momentum in your business, this plan is a great option for you. Accelerate you and your business to where you want to go by learning how to operate the High Performance way.

Gain an uncommon advantage through the development of uncommon, highly-valuable business skills and insights. During this 8-week period we’ll work together to deepen your understanding of the AIDASLA framework and how to apply it to consistently achieve next-level success.

Here’s what your investment brings you:

  • NElisa's Signature AIDASLA Framework Workshop
  • NWorksheets and templates
  • NAccess to session recordings
  • N50% discount on the Done-For-You Plan (a $5,000) value
  • NLifetime community membership

Price: $3000

Option #3


Option #3



If you’re to have the success of your business positively shaped by an expert marketer, then choose this option and let me put my unique signature framework to work in your business.

Get set up with a one-year marketing plan and all the tools, maps, and routines that are essential for creating higher levels of success and keeping the success flowing.

Here’s what your investment brings you:

  • NWebsite customer journey map with content suggestions
  • N12-month social media calendar with audience identification
  • N12 SEO blog posts with keyword research mindmap and files
  • NEmail marketing map and series
  • Nvirtual assistant onboarding & training assistance

Price: $10000

I believe the purpose of marketing is to enrich the quality of the experience for you and those you serve.