The Therapist’s Guide to Marketing

with introduction by Dr. Andrew Dobo, EMDRIA-approved EMDR Trainer & Consultant

Learn How to Transform Your Practice into a High-Performance Practice

Marketers pinning for your business may not be quick to confess that your therapy practice can grow sufficiently by word-of-mouth alone.

But if the marketers are any good at their craft, they’ll WANT you to know this.

The High-Performance practice addresses areas that would otherwise go unnoticed and untapped in their business, implementing business fundamentals often found only in the lexicons of marketing and entrepreneurship.

These are elementary principles that many therapists have never heard of. It’s not a more demanding approach to daily operations, just different.

A business can grow without the assistance of a marketing service provider, but it does not follow that a business can reach its full potential without an understanding of marketing by its leadership.

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