Successful marketing is my passion and duty. -E. P.

Minimum 10% of profits go to support The Gift of Life charity for the parents of preemies

Professional Small Business Marketing Consultant

Philosophy-Driven Digital Marketing Services Proven to Accelerate Growth


Specializing in small business digital marketing, my unique  approach to brand strengthening and customer relationship development helps you get more customers and improves your revenue.

My commitment to producing results, superior service, and bringing powerful end-to-end marketing solutions, driven by customer experience, make my business marketing consulting services the best pick for you and your stakeholders.

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What’s that you ask?

Will I transform your small business marketing into a major revenue driver? Yes. Success is my duty. Let’s make it happen.

Here’s what you can expect with me as your small business marketing consultant:


Thanks to well-defined your work stages and processes, detailed reporting, and my client portal to centralize communications and store reports, tool and dashboard access, marketing assets and other documents, you can always know what’s going on with your business marketing and our relationship.


To me, professionalism is more than just in the presentation or attitude. It’s in the way work is organized and approached. It’s standing by my client, my offer, and the quality of my service. It’s about work ethic, being forward-minded and sted-fast. In my experience, it’s vital to delivering real results with digital marketing. 

Great Service

As a small business marketing consultant, I have two main focuses. The first is creating and implementing effective digital marketing strategies that achieve goals. The second is helping my clients understand digital marketing tools and techniques to empower them as business owners. I love wowing my clients.

Elisa Planellas Small Business Marketing Consultant

My Services

 Done for you…


Transform Online Conversations into Assets

  • Monitor the web for mentions.
  • Encourage in-store customers to share their experiences online.
  • Establish and claim your business’ profile on the online review sites that matter most.

Every business has an online reputation, whether it’s an “A” or an “F”. Customers use reputation to decide which to choose. Make customer reviews an asset for your business.

Done for you…


Give Your Brand a Voice

  • Create a consistent presence for your business.
  • Give customers more opportunities to like and share your business with their family, followers, and friends.
  • Provide the content customers need, keeping them engaged.

Your customers are on social media. Your business should be there as well. Reaping the most benefit from your social media presence means defining the personality of your business and letting it shine bright.

Done for you…

Website Design

Have an Online Platform Your Brand Controls

  • Give online shoppers a virtual experience that draws them to your offline location.
  • Satisfy the questions most won’t call to ask, luring them away from your competitors.

A website is more than an opportunity for potential customers to find your business online. It’s an asset, a tool, and an extension of your customer service. It gives visitors a taste of what your business is all about, compelling them to want more.

Done for You…


Get in Front of Your Customers Instantly … Regardless of Their Location.

  • Increase customer loyalty by diversifying communications, capturing a greater share of your customers’ attention.
  • Generate a  faster and bigger response for your special sales and promotions. Let your best buyers know when there’s a restock or opening.
  • Send personalized greetings to show your customer appreciation, engaging customers on birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

Many if not all of your customers keep their mobile phones on and nearby, just waiting for that next call or alert. Sending them a timely, actionable marketing text message or friendly reminder via SMS or MMS can put your business above distractions and inspire instant response.

Done for You…


Deliver Personalized Promotions Right to Your Customers’ Inboxes

  • Satisfy customer expectations through one of their most preferred methods of communication.
  • Enrich customers’ relationship with your business and brand through engaging newsletters, offers, and announcements.
  • Become a part of your customers’ routine. Refresh their memories. Be in their inbox.

Many customers ask to receive emails from the businesses they prefer to patronage. They like to keep up with the latest happenings at their favorite companies and get opportunities to save. They enjoy learning and feeling included. It’s a service for your customers and a revenue driver for your business.

Done for You…


Be Found Where Your Potential Customers are Looking

  • Make sure your business is featured in online mapping and GPS systems.
  • Take control of your online listings to protect your reputation and prove your business is active.
  • Improve search engine visibility and drive more traffic to your website and offline location.

Many consumers use Google Maps and online directories like Angie’s List and Open Table to find businesses to patronage. Search engines reward businesses that have plenty of relevant and correctly formatted listings in online directories and databases. Citation management is an effective way to improve your reputation, website traffic, and sales.


Now It’s Your Turn

Let’s have a conversation about your business.

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