Your Impact Potential Business Marketing


Impact Potential Business Marketing


I help entrepreneurs craft a clearer, actionable, more defined vision of their business, empowering them to attract and maintain deeper, more valuable relationships with ease.


You are in Control.

You are the business owner and I am here to be your guide. Together, let’s…

Generate Fresh Ideas

Taking anything to the next level is called evolution. It means calling in the new. Often, a fresh perspective is all it takes to unlock a fuller measure of your potential. With the right fresh ideas come improvement.

Create More Freedom

You want your business to run smooth and with great power, like a supercar. That means the creation of optimal systems designed specifcally to set you at ease while increasing the power in your hands. 

Rev Up Your Revenue

Increasing your revenue doesn’t have to mean increasing your workload. Earn from your business by doing the things you enjoy by discovering ways to maximize the value and optimzing your systems. 

Power Up Your Passion

It’s your business. Learn to love it more by finding your points of personal fulfillment and centering around them. You set out to help improve lives. Let’s uncover ways to improve your day-to-day experience and help you help more.

Beginning my own training company has been a learning experience to say the least. I researched and tried to make the best decisions to get my company off the ground. Turns out the web designers said they could do exactly what I needed but couldn’t. I hired freelance social media marketers who said they were experts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. They weren’t. I was paying a lot of money with no results.


Then a breath of fresh air – I hired Elisa to help with one thing. She convinced me to let her handle it all so everything would be coordinated. The results started immediately. I am training and my company gets busier each month. I could have been spared a lot of needless blood, sweat, and tears had I found her sooner – better late than never. If you are looking for an effective online presence Elisa will not disappoint.
Dr. Andrew Dobo

EMDR Trainer and Consultant, Author, EMDR Educators

Latest Insights from Elisa’s Desk:

Make a Bigger Impact on Those You Serve.

Attract with More Accuracy

Fill your business with intention and get those dream clients that you have always wanted to work with. Learn my signature secrets for tweaking your message.

Grow with Greater Ease

Become a true master and feel how much smoother staying in control of your revenue flow can be. Unlock a simple understanding that instantly grants deeper confidence.

Love Your Launches

When you’re passionate, you’re always on the verge of your next big idea. Discover proven frameworks that help make the success of that new book, podcast, program or other expressive endeavor easy to envision and realize, even fun. 

Reap More Relationship Value

Relationship value comes in many forms. Whether your existing growth is coming from word-of-mouth, paid ads, SEO, or network referrals, how you handle the resulting relationships makes all the difference to your clients and your business. Let’s automate and optimize, creating less work and more revenue.

Let’s put the power back into your hands where it belongs.

It’s smart to trust the experts. As the owner of your vision, passion, and unique perspective you ARE the expert. Why leave communicating your vision up to freelancers, marketing agencies, and other strangers who don’t ‘get it’ quite like you do?

At the least, learn what guidance to give them that they otherwise may never ask for (but is fundamental to solid success). At the greatest, work with someone ready and willing to look into the depths of your potential and help you bring the aspects you’re wanting to share to light.

Learn to set the pace first. Then you can leave the ‘tech stuff’ up to the marketers.