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Why You Should Want Elisa Planellas for Your Business:

 As a small business marketing consultant, my custom approach to managing your business online and keeping it relevant strengthens your brand’s authority and reputation while deepening your relationship with buyers. This results in lasting revenue improvement and stress relief.

Experience what inspiring consulting and innovative end-to-end digital marketing solutions can do for you, your team, your brand and your customers.

What I Do:

Branding Management

A strong brand enhances your credibility. It sharpens your competitive edge. You want your brand to reinforce your claim to authority in your market.

I help customers appreciate, support, and champion you and your teams’ passion for what you do. This involves understanding your position in your industry, assessing what you have established, highlighting the most productive aspects, defining the structure and ensuring consistent implementation across all platforms.

Process Automation

Being organized is central to excellent customer service and sales consistency. It facilitates better speed, ease, and quality of communications and task achievement.

It powers faster, more effective follow up and the ability to get more work done in less time. Among the rewards are greater clarity, more confidence and market-dominating reputation. I help make your business processes simpler to manage by putting technology to work for you.

Customer Engagement

You get more value from your promotional efforts when your customers buy, recommend, and refer more. Their loyalty and emotional connection to your brand will reinforce the stability of your business.

Achieving this requires maintaining the top spot in their minds when they think about the products and services in your category. I use strategic cross-channel communications to keep the memory and positive impression your business fresh with your buyers.

Strategic Planning

Having a clear view of the road before the journey increases the chances that you’ll arrive at your destination. The map empowers you to foresee and avoid pitfalls.

It even lets you tell if your planned route is the quickest. Strategic planning is essential to getting the best results from digital marketing and dominating your position in the marketplace. I take your vision and break down the conditions and milestones required to get there in light of findings from marketing research. The result is an action plan that allows us to all be on board and hit our targets.

What to Expect with Me as Your Small Business Marketing Consultant:


Thanks to well-defined your work stages and processes, detailed reporting, and my client portal to centralize communications and store reports, tool and dashboard access, marketing assets and other documents, you can always know what’s going on with your business marketing and our relationship.


To me, professionalism is more than just in the presentation or attitude. It’s in the way work is organized and approached. It’s standing by my client, my offer, and the quality of my service. It’s about work ethic, being forward-minded and sted-fast. In my experience, it’s vital to delivering real results with digital marketing. 

Great Service

As a small business marketing consultant, I have two main focuses. The first is creating and implementing effective digital marketing strategies that achieve goals. The second is helping my clients understand digital marketing tools and techniques to empower them as business owners. I love wowing my clients.

Achieve New Levels of Success with Me as Your Small Business Marketing Consultant

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